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Compact design
with extremely compact dimensions, the book-style design and the seamless connection saves space in the control cabinet.

Versatile application
with optional fieldbus interfaces and safety functions.

High availability
because the MOVITRAC® B standard inverters have provided tried and tested reliability for a large range of applications for many years.

Impressive time savings
thanks to straightforward startup and operation.

Integrated functional safety
with its STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function in accordance with PL d pursuant to EN ISO 13849-1 (except for size 0).

MOVITRAC® LTE B+ basic inverters in IP20 MOVITRAC® LTP B standard inverter in IP20
compact - versatile - safe

Time is money. The MOVITRAC® B series frequency inverters help you save both. Their basic operation means that these standard inverters are quickly ready for use and perform your tasks extremely efficiently: from fan applications to materials handling and basic positioning.

Ideally suited for motors in our DR.. series, MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters control the speed of asynchronous and explosion protected EDR.. motors.

You can use the standard MOVITRAC® B design in materials handling, pump applications or in centrifuges. Our modular concept with optional extensions and extensive accessories also gives you the flexibility to respond to specific requirements.

Contact form Worldwide locations Industrial communication Control technology Features
  • Compact frequency inverter for space-saving installation
  • Its straightforward operation saves time during startup
  • Broad voltage and power range
    • 3x AC 380 – 500 V: 0.25 kW – 90 kW
    • 3x AC 230 – 240 V: 1.5 kW – 30 kW
    • 1x AC 230 – 240 V: 0.25 kW – 2.2 kW
  • Overload
    • 125 % IN continuous duty
    • 150 % IN for at least 60 s
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) EN ISO 13849-1 PL d (as standard from 5.5 kW)
  • Adapted to your application
  • The design enables the integration of
    • Fieldbus interfaces
    • Functional safety technology options
    • Input/output extensions
Versions 1. Standard version
  • standard equipment with integrated IPOS* positioning and sequence control
2. Application version

enables access to the application modules, i.e. to standardized control programs,
such as basic positioning

Application module benefits:

  • high functionality and user-friendly operator interface
  • you only have to enter the parameters needed for the application
  • guided procedure for setting parameters instead of complicated programming
  • all motions are controlled directly in the MOVITRAC® B

* with reduced command set

  • Standard keypads for parameter setting, data management, startup and diagnostics
    • FBG11B: pluggable basic keypad
    • DBG60B: plain text keypad
  • UBP11A: Parameter module
    Simplified data backup with option for series startup
  • Communication modules for connection of MC07B
    • FSC11B/FSC12B: via SBus/RS-485/CANopen
    • FSE24B: via EtherCAT®
  • Fieldbus connection
    • DFE33B: Modbus TCP / EtherNet/IP
    • DFE24B: EtherCAT®
    • DFD11B: DeviceNet (CANopen integrated in basic unit)
  • Interface converter
    • USB11A: for connection to the PC via USB interface
    • UWS21B: for connection to the PC via RS232 interface
  • Expansion for inputs and outputs
    • FIO11B: analog module with setpoint input, analog output and RS485 interface
    • FIO21B: digital module with 7 digital inputs and SBus connection
  • MOVI-PLC® advanced controller
    • DHE21B/DHE41B: Ethernet interface
    • DHF21B/DHF41B: Ethernet / PROFIBUS / DeviceNet interface
    • DHR21B/DHR41B: Ethernet / PROFINET / Modbus TCP / Ethernet/IP interface
  • IPOSplus®
    Positioning and sequence control for programming (only MC07B in application version)
  • Braking resistor type BW
    BW series braking resistors are available for the regenerative operation of MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters. Using an integrated temperature sensor allows the resistor to be protected without external monitoring.
MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio engineering softwareThe MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio program package allows you to conveniently start up, configure and run diagnostics for MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters and MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters.
MOVIDRIVE® MDR60A 15 kW to 160 kW MOVIDRIVE® MDR61B 160 kW to 315 kW regenerative power supplyThe regenerative power supply can supply multiple units with power using a central power supply connection. In regenerative mode, the power is fed back into the supply system. Using the MDR60A/MDR61B lets you save power and installation costs.
Braking resistor type BWBW series braking resistors are available for regenerative operation of MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters and MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters. Using an integrated temperature sensor, the resistor can be protected without external monitoring.
Line choke type NDND series line chokes increase inverter overvoltage protection. This is an important characteristic in rough industrial power supply systems, especially if the inverter is installed near a supply transformer.
Line filter type NFNF type line filters are available for EMC-compliant installation as specified by EN 61800-3. They suppress interference emissions on the line side of inverters. These line filters ensure that limit value class C1 is maintained on the supply end.
Output choke type HDHD series output chokes suppress interference emitted from unshielded motor cables. They enable the motor to meet limit value class C1 requirements in accordance with EN 61800-3 in EMC-compliant installations. Output chokes provide an alternative to shielded motor cables in EMC-compliant installations.
Output filter type HFHF series output filters are sine filters that smooth out inverter output voltage. Output filters are used for group drives to suppress discharge currents in motor cables and for long motor cables to prevent voltage peaks.

Voltage supply VAC: 1x 200/240

Supply frequency Hz: 50 – 60 ± 5 %

standard and application
Power range
Nominal output current
W x H x D in mm
MC07B 0003-2B1-4-000.251.70XS

54.5 x 185 x 163.5
MC07B 0004-2B1-4-000.372.5
MC07B 0005-2B1-4-000.553.30S80 x 185 x 163.5
MC07B 0008-2B1-4-000.754.2
MC07B 0011-2B1-4-001.15.70L80 x 273.5 x 163.5
MC07B 0015-2B1-4-001.57.3
MC07B 0022-2B1-4-002.28.6

Voltage supply VAC: 3x 200/240

Supply frequency Hz: 50 – 60 ± 5 %

standard and application
Power range
Nominal output current

W x H x D in mm
MC07B 0003-2A3-4-000.25
0XS54.5 x 185 x 163.5
MC07B 0004-2A3-4-000.37
MC07B 0005-2A3-4-00/S00.55
0S80 x 185 x 163.5
MC07B 0008-2A3-4-00/S00.75
MC07B 0011-2A3-4-00/S01.1
0L80 x 273.5 x 163.5
MC07B 0015-2A3-4-00/S01.5
MC07B 0022-2A3-4-00/S02.2
MC07B 0037-2A3-4-003.7
1105 x 315 x 173
MC07B 0055-2A3-4-005.5
2130 x 335 x 229
MC07B 0075-2A3-4-007.5
MC07B 0110-203-4-0011
3200 x 465 x 251
MC07B 0150-203-4-0015
MC07B 0220-203-4-0022
4280 x 522 x 250
MC07B 0300-203-4-003095

Voltage supply VAC: 3x 400/500

Supply frequency Hz: 50 – 60 ± 5 %

standard and application
Power range
Nominal output current
W x H x D in mm
MC07B 0003-5A3-4-000.251

54.5 x 185 x 163.5
MC07B 0004-5A3-4-000.371.6
MC07B 0005-5A3-4-00/S00.552
0S80 x 185 x 163.5
MC07B 0008-5A3-4-00/S00.752.4
MC07B 0011-5A3-4-00/S01.13.1
MC07B 0015-5A3-4-00/S01.54
MC07B 0022-5A3-4-00/S02.25.5
0L80 x 273.5 x 163.5
MC07B 0030-5A3-4-00/S037
MC07B 0040-5A3-4-00/S049.5
MC07B 0055-5A3-4-005.512.5
2S105 x 335 x 238
MC07B 0075-5A3-4-007.516
MC07B 0110-5A3-4-001124
2130 x 335 x 229
MC07B 0150-503-4-001532
3200 x 465 x 251
MC07B 0220-503-4-002246
MC07B 0300-503-4-003060
MC07B 0370-503-4-003773
4280 x 522 x 250
MC07B 0450-503-4-004589
MC07B 0550-503-4-0055105
5280 x 610 x 330
MC07B 0750-503-4-0075130

The compact and fully-equipped MOVITRAC® B standard frequency inverters are the cost-effective and energy-efficient choice for standard tasks.

Energy efficiency functions
Process adaptationfor infinitely variable speed and torque control for adaptation to the actual requirements
Energy saving functionfor operation in the partial load range and the dynamic adaptation of the motor operation
DC link coupling
from size 2: 5,5 kW
provides a drive's braking energy via the connected drive's link circuit
Regenerative power supply
from size 2: 5,5 kW
connecting the MOVIDRIVE® MDR regnerative power supply allows the energy to be recycled
Thermally-controlled fansonly switch on when waste heat is being generated

effiDRIVE® energy-saving solutions

Besides the products from the energy efficiency system, our effiDRIVE® energy-saving solutions also provide expert energy advice and a modular and customizable service. Find out more!

The following versions of MOVITRAC® B are equipped with Safe Torque Off (STO) pursuant to EN ISO 13849-1 PL d:

  • 3x AC 230 V:
    • 0.55 kW to 2,2 kW: in SO design
    • 3,7 kW to 75 kW: integrated as standard
  • 3x AC 400 V:
    • 0,55 kW to 4 kW: in SO design
    • 5,5 kW to 75 kW: integrated as standard
  • 1x AC 230 V: STO not available
Optional safety options - safe communication
  • DFS11B: PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS
  • DFS21B: PROFIsafe via PROFINET
Continuous motion and processingMOVITRAC® B in
Standard variantApplication variant
Conveyor beltsXX
Chain conveyorsXX
Roller conveyorsXX
Easy positioning (rapid/creep speed
switching with initiator evaluation)
Standard variantApplication version
Dosing pumpsX
Rotary tableslimitedX
Transverse carriageslimitedX